Experience with Litigation Resolves Disputes
Experience with Disputes Resolves Litigation

I believe that a neutral with diverse and extensive litigation experience appreciates and understands what both parties are experiencing and draws from a large toolkit to arrive at a fair resolution efficiently.

I believe that a litigator who appreciates the many approaches to dispute resolution and the many ways in which firms have sought to resolve disputes is a problem solver who draws from a large toolkit to get results.

About Merril

Merril Hirsh founded the Law Office of Merril Hirsh PLLC and HirshADR PLLC in November, 2017 after more than 34 years of litigation experience, first with the US Department of Justice Civil Division and then in private practice with Ross, Dixon & Masback, Ross, Dixon & Bell and Troutman Sanders.


My Philosophy

As a court-appointed neutral, arbitrator or mediator, I will manage your dispute fairly and efficiently. I will work with parties to identify problems, facilitate solutions and get issues resolved. As a litigator and counselor to businesses on dispute resolution, I will manage your problem with a view towards getting a solution that works for you. 

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