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(Scheduled) August 2, 2018: Rethinking Our Approach to Civil Litigation: A Proposed ABA Black Letter on Special Masters. ABA Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL

(Scheduled): April 14, 2018: Presentation at Academy of Court-Appointed Masters Annual Meeting. The ABA Black Letter on Special Masters. New Orleans, LA

(Scheduled): April 13, 2018: Presentation for the ABA Business Law Section Spring Meeting. The Appointment and Use of Special Masters: What You Don’t Know Can’t Help You. Orlando, FL

(Scheduled): March 20, 2018: Presentation for DC Bar: Special Masters and How They Can Save You and Your Clients Time and Money

(EXPECTED 2018): Special Masters: Instructional Webinar for the Federal Judicial Center

May 9, 2017: Reducing Litigation Costs: Strategies for In-House Counsel, Webinar, Clearlaw Institute

April 2017: Special Masters: A Way of Bringing Alternatives Into Judicial Dispute Resolution, American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section, Spring Meeting. San Francisco, CA

March 31, 2017: Report on the ABA Judicial Division, Lawyers’ Conference Committee on Special Masters, Presentation to the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Court-Appointed Masters. San Diego, CA

Oct. 18, 2016: Special Masters, Program for the William B. Bryant American Inn of Court, Moderator

Oct. 13, 2016: Strategies for In-House Counsel To Reduce Litigation Costs, Strafford Continuing Education Webinar

August 2016: Is There a Better Way? Strategic Use of Special Masters To Improve Judicial Efficiency and Reduce Litigation Cost. American Bar Association Annual Meeting, San Francisco

2010: Antitrust: The Business Case

2009: Developments in U.S. Antitrust Law, London UK

“The FTC v. Cephalon case: What does it mean for future brand-generic patent settlements?” ABA Section of Antitrust Law

June 19, 2008: “A Dickensian View of Pharmaceutical Antitrust: Bleak House or Great Expectations?” Generic Drug Summit, Institute for International Research

May 8, 2008: “Overturning the SEC ‘Broker Dealer Rule’ – What to Expect Going Forward,” 2008 fi360 National Conference

April 24, 2008: “Should We Allow Brand Companies to Pay Generics to End Patent Challenges: James J. Kirkpatrick Meet Shana Alexander,” Law Seminars International, Seminar on Pharmaceutical Antitrust

March 3, 2008: “February In-House Counsel Antitrust Update,” ABA Section of Antitrust Law

October 25-26, 2007: “The SEC’s Regulation of Fee-Based Brokerage Accounts: A Case Study in Administrative Law,” ABA Administrative Law Conference

April 24, 2007: “A General Practitioner’s Guide: What to do if Your Client has an Antitrust or Intellectual Property Issue,” Ross, Dixon & Bell, LLP

January 17, 2007: “Paying Off Generics to Prevent Competition with Brand Name Drugs: Should it be Prohibited?” Testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee

September 8, 2006: Law Seminars International, Seminar on International Cartels

June 28, 2006: “In-House Counsel Antitrust Update,” ABA Antitrust Section, Corporate Counseling Committee

May 12, 2006: ABA Antitrust Health Care Conference

April 1, 2005: Telecommunications Program, ABA Antitrust Spring Meeting

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