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Experience with litigation resolves disputes; experience with disputes resolves litigation.

Litigation is a professional service. This may not seem remarkable, but in the real world it is. A professional service is a service that involves trust. Clients hire lawyers because the lawyers provide services the clients cannot effectively provide on their own, and, in turn, rely on the judgment and recommendations of lawyers. When we go to a dentist, few of us know whether we really need a filling, or whether the dentist will provide it professionally and efficiently. We have to trust the dentist. A professional is someone who is not just skilled, but worthy of that trust.

I work with clients and firms to structure their complex litigation, develop successful strategies, and provide necessary argumentation, trial work, and overall leadership, all with a goal towards providing the client with the best guidance towards meeting their needs. Sometimes that guidance may be to settle and avoid litigation expenses. Sometimes that guidance may be to pursue the litigation aggressively. And sometimes that guidance may be to pursue a range of alternatives. But the the guidance will be crafted with the goal of obtaining outcomes efficiently and effectively.

Knowing what works, what does not work, and what can be done helps me be a better litigator and counselor.


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