Court-Appointed Neutral

Experience with litigation resolves disputes; experience with disputes resolves litigation.

I am trying to remake how we handle civil litigation. For about 40 years, almost no neutral has ever looked at a discovery request or discovery response when it was served. Rarely do neutrals work on a regular basis with parties to fashion the case in a way that obtains the information that the parties actually need without diverging into expensive fights over things that do not matter. Only occasionally are neutrals available to rule on disputes from depositions or, if necessary, attend them. Trial and Magistrate Judges do not have time and resources to manage cases that closely, and it is neither their best nor highest use to devote all their energies to performing those functions.

Litigation does not need to work this way. It can be efficient. It can be focused. And it can be managed to the benefit of all parties. I seek to combine experience as a litigator with training as a neutral and e-neutral to create a new approach for courts across the country.

Being a litigator and counselor helps me to be a better neutral.


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